The Shadow of Nerath

The Story Thus Far

The Party (Elirra, a Tiefling Swordmage, Rith, a Deva Invoker, Rendar, a Half Orc Ranger, Shava, a Half-Elf Cleric, Vaeli, Eladrin Wizard, Derlik, a Dwarven Figther, and Insert Name Here, a Drow Rogue) were traveling to Fallcrest as part of a trade caravan. They had been hired by the caravan’s leader, Patrick Lendritch, to act as guards for the final leg of the journey to Fallcrest. The road, dangerous enough as it is, had become especially hazardous of late due to a drastic increase in activity by the area’s Kobold population. Generally content to keep to the Cloakwood to the south of town, the Kobolds had been becoming increasingly bold as of late, often attacking travelers who were visibly armed. The journey was uneventful, and the night before reaching Fallcrest, the caravan stopped at a small roadside inn known as the Inn of Last Rest and the party decided to rest there for the night. The Inn of Last rest is built out of a former Imperial watchtower, the base of the tower is turned into a dining area and kitchen, with the basement converted into rooms. It is run by Roger Sharpe, a retired adventurer, and his Daughter Dorothy. During dinner, the party made the acquaintance of Roger and were regaled with tales of his glory days. While this is happening, a Gnome Ranger named Gerald Oakfoot attempted to schmooze the party, only to be turned down quite abruptly by (Spencer’s Character). As he was leaving, Gerald whispered some veiled threats under his breath, convincing (Spencer) and Rendar that he is somehow involved with the Kobolds. They snoop through Gerald’s room, finding no evidence but stealing his Hunter’s Flint. Meanwhile Elirra attempts to flirt with a distinguished looking Tiefling gentleman in the bar named Lucien Draay, only to be shot down completely, twice. She promptly swore revenge and became convinced he was involved with the Kobolds due to the fact that he was pouring over maps of the surrounding area including the Cloakwood. In the morning, the caravan set out, and was very soon ambushed by a large force of Kobolds led by Gerald. The party struggled but did manage to defeat them. They proceeded to Fallcrest to collect their pay for the guard duty and too look for more information about the Kobolds. The city’s ruler, High Lord Jared Roenall, informed them of a bounty being paid on Kobolds and a substantial bounty being offered for anyone who can end the raids. Also, they are offered a reward by a local blacksmith. Korgan Stormpike, to locate and recover a cured Dragon’s hide that was stolen from a previous caravan by the Kobolds.



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