100 years ago, the great empire of Nerath fell. The Humans and their allies had made many enemies, enemies who had been pushed too far. A coalition of Goblins, Orcs, Drow and various other lesser races united to lay liberate their lands from the Empire. They succeded, Nerath’s leigons were defeated, and the seat of it’s power sacked and burned to the ground. But in the aftermath, no force rose to take control. The Coalition fell upon itself, bickering over land and treasure taken during the war. Soon a new war erupted that left each nation too weakened to take Nerath’s place.

A century has passed since the Imperial City burned. The races of the Empire have tried to rebuild their lands, thankful that the “evil” races that destroyed the Empire have returned to their homelands. However much has changed since the empire fell. The roads, once safely patrolled by Nerathi troops have become dangerous to travel. Cities that once traded as neighbors are isolated from each other by bandits, thieves and monsters. Only the brave and the foolhardy travel the roads of the former empire without great numbers. And in the absense of any strong authority, new threats emerge. Cults of various demons and dark gods spread unchecked, crime and corruption run rampant in most, if not all, cities and towns. It is a dark time for the world, and there are those who wish to make it darker.

The Shadow of Nerath